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what's your answer? >> i'm much too irate learning that piers will be replacing larry >> i get it. i think we can do better next time. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ thank you for letting me be myself again ♪ the administration has got some critique, some criticism from me and my conservative friends. you have not given enough credit to president bush. would you like to take this opportunity right now to look over there and say thank you. >> mr. president, thank you. you've honored these guys and these women and these troops and i have known you your entire eight years as president. i have never known a time when you didn't care about what happened. we disagreed on policy but you deserve a lot of credit, mr. president. >> mr. president, i never
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disagreed with your policy. >> all right. . 6:00 on the east coast. interesting, mr. biden i. that's joe biden. >> yeah. he says it. just says it. >> he does on colbert. how about that? >> good morning. on the set with us this thursday morning, national political correspondent for new york magazine john heilemann. >> hi. >> who is the author of "game change." let me just say he feels like talking this morning. >> he does. >> okay? and then we have got msnbc political analyst harold ford jr. who is the author of owner more daves than goliaths." you had a party last night. >> look at the flowers harold brought. >> it was two nights ago. those are the ones from digger. >> those are from a grave. that's right. did you ever try that? >> huh-uh. >> what digger does? he takes flowers off of graves and gives them to girls.
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>> my family is in the funeral business. we would call that bad form. >> maybe just a tad bit. >> that's how he got dates in college. he said he would get flowers from the funeralhome. >> okay. it's not right. >> bless his hard. >> also with us in washington msnbc political analyst pat buchanan. >> patrick! >> good morning. >> happy fall. how are you doing? >> doing just fine. >> the pat is back. >> the pat is back. >> i've missed him. >> bigger than ever. >> i love him. >> we have a lot to talk about. willie geist, you doing okay? >> i'm doing great. settled in. >> what is your favorite story this morning in "way too early"? >> my favorite story, i think, would be the inflammation, if you'll forgive the pun, of the koran burning story. hillary clinton talking about it yesterday and comparisons to abu great britain. abu ghraib. it's getting interests. >> did you talk to willie about
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his weekend? >> no, no, please. >> i would like to get to news. you can tell us later. >> celebrities. >> why would you bring that up? >> just another weekend of my life. >> what i said. he has like, i don't know, a liberal elitist version of you? i don't know. >> god. >> wow. >> wow! >> i'm going to do news now. >> go ahead. >> are you all right? new developments this morning concerning a florida pastor who is planning to burn -- >> this is our lead story? >> and, by the way, i wish it was not. okay? but there were certain people who have commented on this who have now made it a story and i wish they hadn't. >> the thing is this guy is a nightmare. >> he's a nightmare. >> he's a hater. >> he's a little fly. >> do every one of these guys now hold america hostage when they say i'm going to burn a koran? i'm very glad sarah palin came
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out and said some very strong things against this, as did mitt romney and other republicans. i was waiting. i think it's important that everybody comes out and does it. but he's holding america hostage here. this one idiot, this one hater. read the story. >> i hope we don't have any sound bites with him because i won't run there. >> chris is talking in my ear. what is wrong with him? >> here is what we are talking about. this guy wants to hold a burn koran day on saturday's nerve of the saturday's slept september 11th attacks. it should be ignored. the fbi also says throw -- although there is no evidence of a specific threat they have evidence that extremists may retaliate if the church goes through with its plans. in addition law enforcement fgs ons say the pastor terry jones
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has received death threats from extremists. despite this, and calls from the highest levels of the u.s. government, jones says he has been told by god to go forward with the event. >> it's one of those things? >> i don't know whose god that is. >> i wish he would say god told me to get on top of my riven and raise $3 million and i can't come down until i do that. . that is how he gets money. >> or you can burn a koran. help me understand this, joe. you know her. you know her well. and you love her. >> i love her. >> i really like her and respect her. secretary of state --." i don't know her but i love her. that's between us. >> secretary of state hillary clinton went so far as saying the media should stop covering the issue as a act of patriotism. the state department ordered
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u.s. embassey saying it could spark american violence. general david petraeus weighed in saying the church's actions would haunt the u.s. forever. >> we're concerned that the images from the burning of a koran would be used in the same way that extremists used images from abu ghraib, they would, in a sense be indelible. they would be in cyberspace forever and nonbiodegradable and they would be used by those who wish us ill to incite violence and inflame public opinion against us and against our mission here in afghanistan as well as our missions undoubtedly around the world. >> the imam proposed -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> here is the deal. if petraeus is talking about it.
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>> and we've covered it. >> it's seriously he is not out there. he is worried about his troops. remember when koran supposedly got burned in an interrogation cell? here is one of the problems. i mean, that caused riots across the arab world. you draw a cartoon of mohammed and you get half of europe up in flames. i mean, john heilemann -- >> my father wrote me about this. >> i agree with hillary. we don't want to talk about this. but, at the same time, if petraeus is talking about it, it's news. >> and, look. i think they are -- mika is right that empty elevating it, it draws the media to it, no we about that. on the other hand, given the world that we live in and how the web works and the viral nature of media today, this is a real threat, a real problem. when you have david petraeus and
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owe dean arroir know are concer about the lives and safeties of their troops. it's hard. i think the press -- it's hard to ignore and this is a real thing. this is not -- these fems pooem are not talking about this because it's not -- daze because it's a hypothetical threat. they think it's a serious problem. >> of course. let's go to pat buchanan. this is america at its worst when someone feels the need to burn a koran. >> it's one freak. it's unextremist at its worse. i would say america at its worse might be when -- >> a symbol of america at its worse. >> a guy almost getting beaten up a couple of weeks because some americans thought he looked muslim. i would say that is america at its worse. pat, i would say this is an isolated freak show. this guy is a terrorist of his own sort. it's disproportionate impact for one freak in florida that everybody has sfon out against from politicians on the far left or the far right.
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what do we do, pat? do we not cover it? >> i think you got to cover it come the commander in chief over there in iraq david petraeus twice asked this man not to do this stupid stunt. i think a better way to handle it, joe, if i were the president i would call up dr. franklin graham or a preacher or a religious figure whom this character would respect and might listen to. he's not going to listen to politicians. get him to say, please don't do this but i tell you what this underscores. if this stunt, one fellow who has 50 people in a church burning a koran can inflame the whole arab and islamic world, then i'm telling you, there's a real divorce between east and west on unbridgeable gulf because nobody in america would go crazy over somebody burning the bible or even burning the flag. >> pat, i mean, what about a cartoon? >> sure. >> what about an artist being stabbed through the heart?
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of course, with extremists, there are as unbridgeable gap. but i don't know, harold, though, what we do as a country. >> he has a right to do it. >> maybe we do get franklin graham, a man who said some very extreme i believe things about islam but somebody like franklin graham, he could pick up phone and call this guy and say, buddy, we agree on certain things, but do not do this. this is bad for the troops and this will cause americans to die overseas. >> if petraeus can't persuade him, i mean, it's hard to imagine who can. if reverend graham would be willing to do it, i don't think it would hurt at all. one of the interesting things pat said this guy has 50 followers and maybe less than that or fewer than that. >> when football is on, it's probably down to 23. they don't want to miss the fox pregame. >> heilman made the point the
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viral nature of the media has changed the way we transmit messages. a day he has chosen has evidence this even more. >> by the way, you bring up a great point, harold. i'll let you continue. but even if we didn't cover any of this and i would love for us to cover none of this. all somebody has to do is videotape him burning it and they videotape it and put it viral and suddenly across the muslim world and you got the riots. >> maybe reverend graham or the white house to convene or somebody to convene a group of religious leaders, christian leaders, jewish leaders across the spectrum for all of them to condemn it coming out of the white house together. i think the unified picture, we he can't present enough in unified enough pictures to the muslim world this is not america and not what we support. >> this comes on the heels of very unfortunate month and a half where muslims in america
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feel more endangered. stunning. nine years after september 11th, more endangered food they feel than nine years ago. i still wait, mika, for the collection of christian ministers. christian ministers put them out front there because i think that sends a stronger message to the world because there is this belief somehow that the battle is between christianity and islam. for christian leaders and the president of the united states and republican and democratic leaders to do what dwight eisenhower did 50 years ago and visit a mosque. maybe you don't visit that mosque on september 11th but what if they visited a mosque on september 12th and those images went out across the muslim world? we are not afraid of your faith. we respect your faith. we understand that you have one of the three great religions of the world. you believe in the god of abraham as do jews and
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christian. i'm still waiting for that message to get out. forget this freak in florida. >> let me bring you up-to-date on two other big stories. one including the proposed islamic center. >> did i do something right and segue to another story? >> it was a long-winded one. >> it was. >> no, actually. the imam behind a proposed islamic community center says relocating the project could fuel extremist violence. last night on larry king, imam ab dull rauf said if the center was moved it could react more violently than the danish cartoons of the prophet mohammed back in 2005. >> if we move from that locat n location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim
6:14 am
world will be that islam is under attack. and unless some of the radicals in america than some of the radicals in the muslim world. >> all right. >> what did you think of that? >> i know him. i expected something different is all i will say for now. >> something a little better? harold? >> i'm not convinced that's the way to win the argument. i'm for the -- because the muslim center being put there and a cultural center being put there but i'm not convinced that was the right -- his image has been so different and all above that. >> i do. >> he doesn't want to play that way. he does not want to play that way. he's got a lot of people supporting hichl. >> including us. including me. >> right. no, no. listen. i said after the ugliness erupted it needed to be down there. i tell you what, if he wants to get into a war with 75% of americans with a verbal war and play his strong hand, he is going to lose.
6:15 am
by the way, isn't this about -- isn't this about tolerance, mika? >> yes! >> if this is really about tolerance and let's just call him out right here. >> yeah. >> if this is really about tolerance, you don't act that way. >> okay. there were some remarks that he made earlier, i believe on "60 minutes" that caused an uproar and he actually addressed them in which these remarks he had called american policies, quote, and accessory to the september 11th attacks. he address thad in the interview. >> realize it was not a very compassion thing to say and i regret having used those words. it is part of my responsibility as a bridge builder to speak the truth about what is great about america, what we have done right and what are less glorious moments. many people feel the iraq attention has been one of our less glorious moments but unless we are able to look and speak truthfully and understand the issues, then the conversation is going to devolve into a situation where we are not going to be able to work and build
6:16 am
bridges towards peace. >> well, and, also, i think it's fair to say that this is not a conversation you can have in a sound bite. >> no. pat buchanan, i'm glad he backed off the 9/11 statement but, obviously, if he is trying to bridge a gulf, a wide gulf between america and the muslim world, that's going to require that he standship stand between that divide and sometimes he is going to say things that are going to upset us. that doesn't bother me so much as his performance last night. do you think what happened is he has been a radical islamist by people like newt gingrich and seen these riots and you think this was pushed him further into a corner and now he is trying to fight his way out? >> i think that's right, joe. i think he has hardened his position. look. if building. if this fellow is a bridge building they won't go wild if
6:17 am
they move the mosque six blocks away. i think he should take up the offer the archbishop in new york and get bloomberg in there and people of goodwill and decide to move it. i think they will resolve this ik issue quickly if they do that. if he puts his feet in concrete, you're going to have a real brawl. up next, how top republicans plan to i don't their power. should they take control of the house this november. and how will they strike back at obama? also a major court ruling involving national security. former terror suspects and the cia use of secret prisons after 9/11. plus did tony blair rip a quote from a hollywood movie in his new memoir? a story making front page news this morning. first, shall we give him another chance, joe? >> i don't think we have a choice. >> you're good guy. >> we fired everybody else. >> let's go to plywood. >> plywood? >> seriously. he had -- bill must have a deal
6:18 am
with plywood salesmen! osmose, is that wood? >> a good idea. >> home depot man. >> or lowe's. get a little logo on the jacket! >> a lowe's jacket you should have that! >> we will work on it. >> be sweet. >> let's chat about the fall forecast. it moved in last night and chilly out there this morning. turn the air-conditioner off and roll the windows down. temperatures in the 50s and six 60s. this afternoon gorgeous and high of 79 in d.c. and about time after the long endless summer. fall has finally arrived. the forecast in the middle of the country soggy. a lot of heavy rain moving through the ozarks today. from little rock to st. louis i'd carry that umbrella. forecast the rest of the country warm down along the gulf and cool on the west coast and unseasonally chilly in the great lakes and the northwest.
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♪ i want to say right off the bat, we're not here to debate this war. it's been seven years. at this point, who can remember who invaded who some might as well debate the causes of world war i. damn you, woodrow wilson! you trigger-happy mad man! no! we just honor the courage of those dough boys who fought in the trenches in 1918. we salute you, larry king! >> all right. . it's 22 past the hour. it's time to take a look at the morning papers.
6:23 am
i love reading the first one. >> "the san francisco chronicle" in california! that guy is a jerk to everybody, huh? is he? i'm not going to say his name. >> all right. >> no. heilman, that guy is a jerk to everybody? >> yes. >> yes. >> okay. >> california, the gubernatorial race raising cashes for new concern for democrats. jerry brown raise $30 million relying on small checks and meg whitman raising a hundred million dollars from supporters and her own money. do they say in the paper mostly from rich supporters? from rich backers? no slant to that at all. >> no. "the boston globe." >> barack obama you know he raised all of his money from like small -- >> $5 and under! >> and kids with paper drives! he got more money from wall street than any candidate in the history of american politics.
6:24 am
but kids also sold lemonade and gave him $5! more head sponge guys. >> pennies for the president! >> pennies for the president! >> all right. it's funny now. "the boston globe." more than one third of massachusetts students evaluated during the 2008-2009 school year, were overweight or owe bees. >> why do you do this to me? why do you pick these headlines out for her? so she can grunt and groan. >> everybody look at this and think about it and address it. >> never do this again. >> according to a report released yesterday the study revealed sharp disparities linked to income. lawrence had the highest rate of overweight student and this is our national responsibility to talk about this and address it and fix it because i'm telling you. you talk about national security and how strong we are as a country. we're going down. we're going down. because we are overweight. we're owe bees morbidly most of
6:25 am
this country. >> i blame you, chris licht! chris, look at me. look at me! if whoever puts an obesity headline in there again is fired! okay? i've never threatened anybody, okay? no more obesity headlines. >> you will find out who really is in charge. >> there will be no more obesity headlines. >> oh, yes, there will. this is something we need to take on as a show. >> i have listened to her. let me know when it's coming up and i'll leave the set. is it time for sports now? you may have worked hard on it, but why do you put up an obesity headline that will bringing this segment to a screeching halt? >> clearly a mistake. >> does tim do this? is this tim that does this to me? >> tim carter. >> tim carter wakes up. he comes into work at midnight and, what? by 2:30 like i'm going to screw joe four hours from now but putting in an obesity headline? >> exactly what the conversation
6:26 am
was! >> it actually should be at the forefront of the national conversation every day until we have this under control. "the new york times" is former british prime minister tony blair confusing a movie scene with reality? in his new memoir, he recalls queen elizabeth greeting him at buckingham palace on his first day. quote, you are on my tenth prime minister. the first was winston. that was before you were born. but as "the new york times" reports, the line may have only existed in the 2006 fictional movie "the queen." the screen writer for that film peter morgan said the scene wasn't entirely fictional. blair maintains he has never seen the movie. the book is a hit and britain selling 92,000 copes in less than a week. he will be on "morning joe" on to you about it on tuesday. i think i know what i'm going to say to him when he walks in the door. you are my -- >> you can't trust the screen writers. you just can't.
6:27 am
they act so irrationally to this guy who was a great prime minister. he really was. because of the iraq war they act so irrationally that it's sort of like knocking. do whatever. there are only two people that know truth here. they are tony blair and the queen. of course, we got tony blair on tuesday. the queen is going to be here on wednesday. >> i hope. >> we will ask both of them. then the king of nothing, jim vandehei is here today. >> wow. >> a whole lot of nothing. >> an old seals and croft song. >> jim, what is going on? >> how are you doing? >> we're doing well. >> not really. hanging in there. joe not doing well. >> rest of you seem fine. >> the obesity thing is dragging him down a little bit. >> mika, i agree with you every single time. >> thank you. >> jim, midterm elections, we've
6:28 am
said it looks grim for democrats. what are republicans doing? kind of assuming that mr. boehner may be their speaker? >> right. they have held a series of private conversations in recent days to talk about what it would be like if they were to win the majority and how boehner would be the speaker. in the early discussions have centered on really focusing on spending and on subpoenas. while they talk in public about trying to repel health care they are talking about maybe being able to target in limited ways defunding of some of those provisions and delay some but not a sweeping movement and know they could have no success in repealing health care and think they can pull back on some of the stimulus funds not spent yet and think they can investigate obama. the big debate now is how aggressive will they be? because they know if they win they didn't win because they were popular and they are going to have to show they have learned some lesson and that can govern responsibly. >> are we talking about planning to investigate? is that why they want the majority to investigate? >> there has been a lot.
6:29 am
there has been a ton of conversations about that. daryl issa who is running the committee. every time you get back power, when you got it back, you recall you had the subpoena power you wish you had when you were in the minority so certainly that is part of what they would like to do but they don't want to be seen as going after obama, after obama, after obama. they know they have to recalibrate the party. the question is will they follow through if they were to win the party. >> i know one of the first things they will do is repel the titanic tax. >> i support that. >> by the way, this is elo. >> elo. >> can you show -- >> the time has come. >> this is sad. i don't want to be smiling when i read this. >> you don't. >> police in southwest eng. >> do you want me to read it? >> yeah. could you do that for me? >> the sunset on this man's life. mike edwards, 62, a former member of electric light orchestra was killed in a collision. >> keep going. >> with a hay bale that rolled
6:30 am
down a hill. police say he played in the rock band in the '70s. ♪ making believe this is what you can see ♪ >> was driving a van friday when he collided with a 1,300-pound hay bale! >> jim vandehei, thanks. >> we will be right back. ♪ ♪ and your sweet desire don't you do it don't you do it ♪ oh higher and higher baby ♪ [ manager ] you know...
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the sun comes up over new york city. welcome to "morning joe." 4 past the hour. secretary of state hillary clinton is warning that america's growing debt poses a national security threat. speaking in washington yesterday, she urged both democrats and republicans to tackle the problem because she believes it projects a, quote, message of weakness internationally. >> our rising debt levels poses a national security threat. it undermines our capacity to act in our own interest and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable.
6:35 am
and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> that is great. >> i agree with her. >> no. it's great. she needs to -- >> it was to richard hause yesterday. >> she needs to pass that message on to democrats and republicans alike in washington. >> yeah. it definitely does. >> democrats first because they run the country. >> next story. a federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit challenging a cia program known as extraordinary rendition that flew terror suspects to overseas prison for interrogation. the complaint was filed by five foreign men arrested shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks who claim they were tortured in captivity. yesterday's ruling agreed with the obama administration that state secrets would be put at risk if the legal action were allowed to proceed. that is a look at the news. now to sports. >> ninth circuit, the most liberal circuit out there. so, obviously, it will be upheld
6:36 am
by distort. willie, sports? >> we have the nfl starting tonight. >> no kidding? >> live pictures of the superdome in new orleans. come on. >> is that an nbc event? >> it is tonight. >> nbc and i think nfl. >> game is at 8:30 tonight. >> is dick ebersol the smartest guy on the planet? >> he is so smart. >> the saints take on the vikings. the saints beat the vikings to go to introl super bowl. on one side of the ball saints reggie bush but in the news as we told you yesterday, one media outlet says the heisman trust is ready to take the trophy away from him after the ncaa found wrongdoing. he took money from an agent, et cetera, et cetera. the heisman trust denied they are tag taking it away but looking into the matter. yesterday reggie bush was asked whether he has met with heisman officials with bthat trophy. >> did you meet with them in new york? >> i can't confirm or deny
6:37 am
whether i did. my focus is on the vikings tomorrow and where i'm at. as if this game didn't have enough distractions with it, you know? there's more to come. >> on the other side of the ball, the vikings 40 something quarterback. >> they can't heisman away from him while o.j. keeps his. >> o.j. didn't do anything while he was playing that would be the argument. >> please. come on! >> that is the argument. brett entering his 20th nfl season. he did his usual routine over the summer will he, won't he, will he come back? he sdi decided he will. yesterday during an interview favre had tough words for the media. the media has bowed before him for two decades. he said this. it's a media frenzy world and nothing goes untouched or untalked about. i thought quietly this off-season and tried to make my decision. i'm just a man after all. once we got months before camp the media started camping out at
6:38 am
my gate. i never asked them to come or ask them to talk about it. >> this guy is the barack obama of football. >> that's correct. >> the media throws flowers at him for years and then the second some questions are asked, i hate the media. i mean, seriously! >> it's pretty rich for brett favre to turn on the media. >> it's like the barack obama turning on the media who loves him. >> the media has been tough on brett favre. >> are you kidding? >> crucified him for year after year. >> the middle age man starts panting when they are in the room. >> you talk to most middle-aged men in the weekend spending it with heidi column or brett favre, they pick brett favre. >> i'm in the minute owner. >> i'm going heidi. >> not around this table. >> if reggie bush is punished,
6:39 am
i'm not sure he should be. what should happen is the agent who do this, there is no punishment of any of these agents. i think they -- it's a different conversation altogether but the agents should be banned for a year or two and have their license removed. otherwise you will continue to have these agents reaching out to these kids who a lot of times are needy and who are needing a sense they don't have the means to support themselves taking some risk. but the agents never get punished for this! >> i think the great nick saban, greatest coach since bear bryant, call them leeches. >> urban meyer. >> they should be suspended for two years. if usc faces these penalties and ncaa has to deal with that, these agents ought to be punished as well. the only way you will stop this thing. >> you talk to a college player you can't work with the nfl for five years. by the way, the nfl is so concerned and i am glad they are about the reputation. why aren't they tough on agents? >> you know who should pass a
6:40 am
law? congress. they ought to pass a law if they go after the baseball stuff which they should have spend time and they ought to do something on this as well. >> no down side as a agent. if you tamper with reggie bush in college, he is the one that gets punished and the school gets punished. >> nfl can take care of this and great at protecting their image. ban them for five years. >> it's gotten really good. >> jerry jones, the whole thing. when we come back, can one movie change our education system in john heilemann, this guy right here, profiles a new documentary "waiting for superman." it's a remarkable film and we will talk to john about it when we come back. ♪ learning to fly but i ain't got wings learning to fly ♪ ♪ coming down learning to fly ♪ is the hardest thing ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true.
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we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
6:44 am
♪ for these kids, their only chance getting into a great school depends on whether their number is picked in the lottery. so if he doesn't get in, is there another chance? >> no. >> the first student selected, 20. >> oh, god! >> 9. 10. 12. 2. and the last number? >> that was a clip from waiting for superman. a documentary that puts a face on the alarming statistics in
6:45 am
the u.s. education system. john heilemann wrote about the film in "new york" magazine and he writes this. that movie confronts brutal truths. you see them in real-time. >> john, i don't know that i can remember a movie that more people have talked about shaping a single issue in american life, domestic life, more than this movie. >> well, probably because the filmmaker is the guy who was the director of "an inconvenient truth." there is a feeling, i think,
6:46 am
that movie came with you very little buzz ahead of it. this movie has been seen from the beginning as potentially being the inconvenient truth of education reform and the move wre is very powerful and kind of two movies in one. on one side the story of five kids trying to get a decent education by getting into charter schools, high-performing charter schools and on the other side an indictment of the public school system from a liberal director in hollywood who has taken on -- >> that's what makes it so compelling. >> it goes very hard at the teachers union in a way you would never suspect a hollywood liberal could would do. it's kind of a sweeping indictment of all the adults who are kind of com police sit. people weep in the movie and outraged by the movie simultaneously. it's going to have a wide release and people are, i think,
6:47 am
suspecting to catalyse this moment where we are where the ed reform movement is getting traction. it's a moment in america where the movie and the moment are kind of meeting perfectly. >> pat buchanan, it's a cliche, but it's true. only nixon could go to china and perhaps only progressives can reform education in a way that completely takes on the teachers union and the established interests that have stood in the way of reform for years. >> it may well be true, joe. the american people, whatever you say about them, have been extraordinarily generous these last 40 years and pouring money and tax dollars. i mean, the per capita extend tour per pupil is far higher than it's ever been and the returns get lower and lower. given our budget problems as hillary clinton said there isn't a lot of money left in the cooky jar. >> we have to make sure we spend
6:48 am
a lot of money per pupil compared to every other country on the planet and you have, again, people like barack obama, arne duncan, and now, as you said, progressive filmmakers coming out on the side of the reforms that the left has been fighting for decades. this is an important moment. >> and we are actually going to be hosting a town hall, education nation, it's nbc universal's education nation summit. where leaders will talk about bringing reform to our classrooms and we will be there on september 26th and look forward to being a part of the conversation. >> got to say this. we have a window. our good friend deb yeah kenny said this who works up in harlem. we have a window of two to three years. and we have an opportunity now to save these children to reform these schools, to rebuild america's education system with barack obama as president.
6:49 am
we've got two to three years. that is our window. we better use that time well or we're in big trouble. we can retool our education system for the 21st century and we can do it now. but the time is going to pass at some point. >> everyone should go see that movie and anyone who wants to jump in the debate in a real way. >> it's true we have this window but what is amazing there is so much coalescing. even on the labor side unions have, because of race to the top that has put this out on there for the review reform the unions are moving in the direction of positive change and a lot of states around the country and that is a promising sign. >> we're going to get to -- i want to read a must read from rudy giuliani but we will get to it later because we wanted to talk about this. still ahead, "the washington post" ezra klein will join us.
6:50 am
last night, stephen colbert was honoring the troops. he got a surprise guest. look who popped up selling hot dogs to the troops? >> wow. okay. i'd like that. >> vice president joe biden. tell you what he was doing there when we come back. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters.
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oh, yes! >> yes. >> is it time? >> it's time for some "news you can't use." last night stephen colbert honored the troops coming home from iraq. he calls it been there, won that. the returnification of the america can do troop scape. try to follow that one. as he was honoring the troops, he decided to serve them some food with a little help from a special guest. >> we are serving you real american food. we've even got a hot dog cart. you know what? you know what? i'll take -- i'll take a dog. hey, hey, hot dog guy. >> hey -- >> hot dog guy! hey -- >> to you, it's mr. vice president hot dog guy. >> sir, i'm sorry. i didn't expect the vice president to serve hot dogs. >> read your constitution, man, i got two constitutional duties.
6:55 am
>> i thought it was just breaking ties in the senate. >> no. the other is giving hot dogs to returning warriors. >> vice president joe biden nailing his lines last night. >> i love it. that was adorable! >> we still have our no criticize joe zone here. >> why would you? can you think of anything? i can't. >> colbert had general ray owe day air know on last night. you remember owe day air know shaved stephen colbert's hair. colbert returned the favor last night. >> the last time we were together you gave me a very special haircut. you gave me your haircut. i want to let you know i saved my hair and i've put it together to give you my haircut. on behalf -- sir, may i? may i?
6:56 am
ladies and gentlemen! >> he looked like blago! >> put the hair back together. >> he has another two episodes. he always been good on troops, colbert has. coming up, tina brown joins us at the table and "the washington post" ezra klein. that is next on "morning joe." ♪ ♪ come on and dance come on and dance ♪ ♪ let's make some romance can i have some ice cream please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is !
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♪ look. it's chopper 4 taking a live look over new york city. >> welcome to "morning joe." >> thank you. welcome back. >> what did you think that was? schenectady? great to have you here. this lineup gets no better than this. "the daily beast" tina brown. >> yea! >> she is ready to go. john heilemann who won't stop talking. >> and won't stop selling books and another guy selling a lot of books right now, harold ford. >> it's great to have you here. >> i understand you are doing a
7:01 am
west coast swing. >> last weekend of the month and next weekend so it's been good. tina brown, her and miles did unbelievable party the other night which john came to. >> it was good back to school night, wasn't it? >> fun night. >> never seen so many drunk people in my entire life. >> stop that. we got pat buchanan in washington, d.c. i don't want any titles of books, pat, but are you still sort of wrestling the angel, the publishing angel on your book? >> yeah. we got a deadline coming up in october and heavy negotiations after that, joe. >> heavy negotiations! pat and the publisher are going back and forth. pat writes and they come back, not that much. bring it back a little bit! we also have ezra klein in washington, d.c. great to have you here. >> how are you? >> he writes about an article called making social security less generous isn't the isn't. we will get to your column,
7:02 am
ezra, in a moment. >> all right. >> good panel this hour for sure. fighting to preserve his party's control of congress, president obama yesterday unveiled new economic proposals intened intended to create jobs and reduce the deficit and include a permanent extension of tax credit for research and innovation and elimination of certain corporate tax breaks and flemgs of a $50 billion infrastructure spending plan and an end to the bush era tax cuts for the nation's highest earners. >> we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. we are ready this week, if they want, to give tax cuts to every american making $250,000 or less. let me remind you that with those tax rates in place, under president clinton, this country created $22 million jobs and raised incomes and had the largest surplus in our history. >> house minority leader john
7:03 am
boehner rolled out his own economic plan before obama delivered his speech yesterday urging an extension of bush tax cuts. he offered this rebuttal to obama's speech. if the president is serious about finally focusing on jobs, a good start would be taking the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax rates, coupled with cutting federal spending to where it was before all of the bailouts and government takeovers and stimulus spending sprees. during his speech, president obama continually used congressman boehner as his punching bag and invoking his name no less than seven times. >> when these same republicans, including mr. boehner, were in charge, the number of earmarks and pet projects went up, not down. there were no new policies from mr. boehner. mr. boehner has, so far, said no to infrastructure.
7:04 am
mr. boehner and the republicans in congress said no. when mr. boehner was here in cleveland, he attacked us. let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, i'll bet this just seems like common sense. but not to mr. boehner and his allies. >> keep reading. >> thanks. according to -- >> bus i really want to say something. >> don't. according to msnbc and "time" magazine, that might be the wrong tactic. he writes in his new article for "time." sooner or later the president is going to need republican votes and the backing of business to get this and other measures passed. treating his opponent as unprincipled chuckleheads lake make it less less like that obama will get what he wants. that sort of gambit will prove unhelpful for either the long-term good of the economy or the president.
7:05 am
>> pat buchanan, with all due respect to john boehner, most americans don't know who he is. this is one of the strangest political strategies i've seen yet this campaign season by the white house. nobody knows who john boehner is and not know who he is until he is speaker of the house. >> you know, not 1 in 20 americans i bet could name john boehner or who he is. what the president is doing is bringing himself down and moving boehner up to his own level. in effect, he is saying boehner in his 170 guys who are outnumbered by 80 votes has been able to stymie his entire project on capitol hill. i also think, joe, he is moving toward a class war fare aspect which is going to energize the left wing of the democratic party, but i can't believe those blue dogs who are in trouble are enjoying what they are hearing. >> it may work on the coast but not the south or the midwest.
7:06 am
talking political strategy here, wouldn't it be smarter to talk about bush republicans? those bush republicans instead of john boehner, nobody knows john boehner is but bush republicans, bush republicans, bush republicans. >> exactly. >> that will drive the point home effectively. >> there is an awful lot more people who know who george bush is and frankly george bush has a lot more negatives than some guy named boehner they never heard of! >> ezra, talk about the strategy, if you will, the political strategy of going after john boehner and the republican party. is this barack obama and the democratic party's last best hope? >> this is the majority party's common lament. what they need is a choice and what they get is a referendum. in 1994 the republican party had leaders, people folks new. bob dole and newt gingrich. figures the president who he wanted to could campaign against
7:07 am
but right now nobody knows who the main republicans or what they want to do and they don't know that. when they don't know john boehner or his plan if he takes power in november, there is really no way to run against john boehner and his plan and in way to create a choice. what they do are two things. one is counterproductive. first, build up the republicans to find who they are and create a leadership on the other side and then try to take them down but it's a bit more difficult because first you're trying to teach folks about john boehner and convince them that john bain ser a bad guy so it's a two-step. >> republicans in 2006 actually had a figure that conservatives did not like and moderates were skeptical of. nancy pelosi, people knew she was a san francisco liberal. and it didn't even work in 2006. if you were president of the united states, you can't knock somebody in a minority party and the house of representatives and win local elections, can you? >> one thing i would say, though, watch where that speech
7:08 am
was. that was cleveland, ohio. that is boehner territory. >> right. >> so part of it was a more direct strike at boehner. again, i tend to be a skeptic about political strategy up and down the line so i'm not sure there is any message here that would really work. i don't see how this one is much more effective than really any other. i think at this point, he is trying to charge up his own base because the biggest problem democrats have going into november is their people aren't going to vote. >> pat, name a strategy that the democrats can employ right now, pat. >> well, first off, the boehner thing, just let me say about that. it elevated him. out there in ohio they say you mean to tell me john boehner is the one that has derailed the socialist express? that is outstanding! so boehner is going to be hugely elevated here with his own people! >> he is going to run for governor! >> but i would go after -- look. i would say these are the bush/cheney republicans. >> exactly. >> in the same thing ter doing before and list some things they are doing and give alternatives and not only in inspire your
7:09 am
base but try to give those folks that are out there hanging, these blue dogs, try to give them something. >> pat is back. i love it. outstanding. >> go after the bush/cheney republicans instead of the john boehner republicans. >> i think that is, of course, absolutely right. he is just promoting the hell out of boehner by saying all of that. but i have to say i kind of like seeing him back. it was like a stump speech. he was back with a bang in a sense. at least he showed some vigor. i think it was going to be -- i thought it was appealing to see obama back. >> okay. >> i really did because i am so tired of him being careful and at least he was kicking butt even if it was who he? john boehner level one. >> john heilemann, you're co-author of "game change." we read halpern's quote. he basically said he shouldn't be tough on the republicans because he won't be able to work
7:10 am
with them later. what are you going to do? it's election season. you're about to lose. you have to beat up the other side, right? >> i respectfully disagree with mark about that in the context of this xap. i'm with tina on obama's energy yesterday which was pretty impressive. but, more importantly -- i don't know if this will move the needle in terms of the time we have between now and the mid terms, but i think he has done the right thing on the policy and the politics of the policy on the economy. he has drawn that bright line. going to try to say let's, you know, republicans are going to deny a permanent tax cut to everybody put the top brackets here. that is i think a good political place for him to be. i don't think that is problematic classwork. i think it's good economics and good policy for the president and the party. >> i'm curious, harold, somebody running in tennessee. let's say you're runing in a swing district in tennessee and statewide you're running in tennessee as you did in '06.
7:11 am
you don't want a democratic president talking about raising taxes of any type when you've got almost 10% unemployment, right? >> i -- >> i'm talking in the south and the midwest. this causes problems, does it not? >> it depends on how you do it. i think if you're doing it the way the president -- his message will get better. that approach to -- the appeal was there but they are not hitting on all of the cylinders. you got to explain $250,000 or less who does that impact and touch? he has to explain. the car industry what they did to save the car industry and save jobs and made america's competitiveness that much better as a result. he has to brag about these things a bit and i agree with you. i like john boehner. he's my friend but no one knows who the heck he is. you got to get out and talk about -- i mean, cheney republicans want to take us back to the cheney way of doing things. if you're going to take that approach. that's not my style. >> that would make him mad.
7:12 am
>> i think john is right. this is about firing up democrats again. because if you close that enthusiasm gap, democrats find themselves right in the position to hold a lot of seats come november. again, this is early. gout to give him another week and another couple of days to get the message right. >> invoking cheney at this point i see this sick guy from years ago. >> but for democrats. i'm talking about to fire up the democratic base. that will fire people up. >> hey, ezra, i think you bring up a great point, though. this may all be sort of a washington parlor game trying to talk about what democrats can do. in the end, real unemployment close to 15%. the economy is not getting much better. it's going to be a referendum. even barack obama says if this is a referendum on the economy we're in big trouble. how do you get around that? >> you don't. i hate to say it because we like to talk about it. i believe the difference in the polls from bush/cheney republicans to boehner
7:13 am
republicans is zero. i think pretty much the difference in the polls from one message to another is zero. at the end of the day folks in ohio, you're right, they don't care about boehner but the isn't they don't care about boehner but what is going on in their lives and at the moment it isn't going well and it's a massacre out there. i had a friend reporting on some of economies a week ago. he said you have no idea the folks living in the city and you have no idea what it looks like right now and what people are voting on. nobody watched that speech. the speech came at like 3:00 p.m. and nobody watched it. >> right. pat buchanan, it's so interesting. i had a really good friend that worked for me that wanted to run for congress in 2006 and in january of 2006, i said don't do it. you will get -- no, this is going to be different. don't do it. i said that in '06. last year, hi a democratic friend come to me and say that he wanted to run in the midwest. i said don't do it.
7:14 am
you are going to get slaughtered. keep your head down. it's going to be ugly. pat, a lot of times, again, these huge waves come and there is nothing the party in power -- republicans were helpless in '06 and democrats appear to be helpless in '10. you have to fight the fight but in the end is ezra not right? in the end if real unemployment is close to 15%, democrats -- >> you can't get up that hill. it's exactly right. joe, i started in politics with nixon. january of '66. republicans down to 140 seats. nixon called me in and said we're going to pick up 40 seats. he knew it ahead of time. he was telling everybody get out in front of this wave. it's going to be a big one. >> yeah. >> and -- >> 47 seats. >> 47 seats. >> pat, you are predicting 47 seats republicans? >> no that was 1966. >> i thought you were looking
7:15 am
ahead. >> i would move it up to pretty close to taking over the house and i have been around 34, 35. i think after the last week in august, they are probably up near to taking the house. >> wow. >> i say all things equal i give republicans 45 seats but they have done such a lousy job. this is what would you call it? the machine or whatever you'd call it, they have done such a lousy job on special elections. pennsylvania 12 still makes me think if you can't win pennsylvania 12 where there is only one election in a very republican seat on one day and you blow that race, what happens when you have 435 house seats at the same time and all of these parts moving the last week or two, the republican operation in d.c. has been, i'm sorry, i know the guys up there and i like them a lot, it has been horrific. >> he is hoping -- >> the rnc is horrific.
7:16 am
haley basher haley basher talking about how bad it is. the republican establishment in washington, d.c. is weaker than it's ever been. they have a 26% brand. there is still an opportunity for democrats to save the house. >> what was their fundamental mistake? is there one? >> well, they haven't recruited the type of candidates they should have recruited. again, you go to pennsylvania 12. murtha's old seat. that's a seat republicans should win by ten points every single year. they lost it in the special election when barack obama's approval rate wag in the low 40s. that's the democrats best hope is that the republicans are going to foul this up. >> even the pennsylvania 12 race and some of these congressional races, democrats nationally have to let these candidates run their own races. my only point about obama, if you're going to give that kind of speech, the boehner speech you have to talk about bush, i wouldn't give that speech but i understand where they are going. let the candidates run
7:17 am
individualized races. the more likely we are able to hold. if it's a national democratic message, i think we have a bigger challenge much like the republicans run with a national republican message they won't win. let the republicans win their races individually. >> to harold's point, that fellow out there in the 12th ran to the right of joe scarborough and pat buchanan on issue after issue. the democrat ircandidate was an outstanding candidate in terms of the issues he picked up. they kept obama out of there and brought in bill clinton. >> yeah. and that was a smart move on their part. ezra, in '06, i wrote an op-ed for "the washington post" talking about how republicans should save themselves, they should go after bush, they should say he spent too much, that the deficits were too high, that rumsfeld botched the iraq war. the white house was enraged. i had a governor ask me to come to an event with him and bush's people called up and said, if joe scarborough goes, bush won't be there. shouldn't this white house be a little more forward thinking and
7:18 am
tell democrats in the south and the midwest do what it takes to win. attack president obama if that is what it takes. >> i think you're seeing it in colorado. i don't know if people noticed this but this struck me as a huge move this morning. michael ben consist bennet. they have been at events for him and really nurtured him from the beginning. he said the infrastructure plan obama brought out the other day bad idea. we need to be paying for it out of unspent stimulus and we need to be making tough choices. for michael bennet to put that distance there. not only shows sort of the pressures democratic candidates are under but also shows that the white house understands its best friends are running away from them for a little while. >> thank you, ezra. your piece in "the washington post" making social security less generous isn't the answer. read it. >> we have to get you back to debate this. you're actually swimming against
7:19 am
the tide here. >> he really is. he makes good point, though. >> we'll talk it over. >> i'd love to hear your thoughts on it. >> when we come back, chuck todd has this morning's developing headlines out of the white house. also we will reveal the new issue of "time" magazine with managing editor rick stengel. first, bill karins with a check on the forecast. get it right. >> everyone, in dallas a close call yesterday. a tornado was spotted. >> take this down. take this down. >> back to us. >> i want to have a split screen between bill karins and pat buchanan right now. there is bill. >> don't ruin my vacation! >> pat buchanan, i want you to tell bill what he did to your vacation. >> what happened with you and shelley? >> i can't use all of the language properly, bill. but when you started reporting that thing headed for the maryland coast, i got up in the morning. >> the maryland coast? who are you getting your
7:20 am
forecast from? >> maryland/delaware. i got up. my wife is packing the bags and said we're gone. >> smart woman. smart woman. >> it never even came close! >> you ruined pat's vacation. >> we'll make it up to you, pat. hopefully at one of joe's mansions somewhere. we'll figure it out. let's take a look for pat and joe and everybody else a nice day. temperatures cool and in the 60s now. it's about 13 degrees cooler this morning than it was yesterday. as we go throughout the afternoon, beautiful weather out there. enjoy it from boston to d.c. and finally it's like fall. heavy rain in the middle of the country. that is a look at your quiet morning forecast. you're watching "morning joe," brewed by starbucks. ♪ ♪ something we can buy there must be another way ♪
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7:23 am
7:24 am
♪ as commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states, i just want him to understand that this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform. this is a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. >> that was president obama moments ago addressing the florida pastor's plan to hold a burn a koran day on saturday's anniversary of the september 11th attacks. >> this gets more is a real surreal. pat, this is like negotiating with a terrorist, in that now that we have the president of the united states -- i understand why he is doing it and not criticizing him at all. >> right. >> the commander of our troops overseas.
7:25 am
the secretary of state. all of these other political leaders coming out and giving attention to a guy, a freak in central florida with a church that has 50 people in it. >> 50 people. >> a hate mongerer. that inspires other freaks, other -- >> sure. >> -- terrorists of this type putting our kids' lives in danger overseas. >> this guy is holding the president of the united states, general petraeus, the country, the secretary of state hostage in effect and they are all focused on him and all giving him attention and saying ritz ridiculous. he has been built up in the eyes of that community of his and to this enormous figure. . he is feeding off all of this publicity. quite frankly, what you say is going to happen, joe. some other character, if he doesn't burn the koran, some other character is going to go out and do it because of all the attention you get from this. so, i mean, this is -- i mean, put the country in a pretty tough spot but he does say
7:26 am
something about our world. when you say one guy down there burning a book is going to inflame the whole islamic world. >> you know how you counteract that? i'll say it again and i understand the politics of it is difficult. you have the president of the united states with john boehner on one side and harry reid on the other or a republican on the other side going in to a mosque like dwight eisenhower did 50 years ago. that sends a message that is stronger than any freak in central florida burning a koran. >> i completely agree with you. here with us now is nbc news chief white house correspondent and political director, chuck todd who is also the co-host of msnbc's "the daily rundown. >> john boehner is the whipping boy of the moment, chuck todd. fascinating. john who says 93% of americans. >> you can't -- here is the problem that the white house and the democrats are in. they need to run against
7:27 am
somebody. right? and look at our own nbc/"wall street journal" poll. what stuck out to me was the fact that when we asked, okay, if republicans get control of congress, are they going to go back to the economic policies of george w. bush or will they pursue different ideas? and it was nearly 3-1 margin. like 60%, more than 60% of likely voters said they would pursue different ideas. so fur-the-white house, this strategy of just running against bush or running against sort of the bush era wasn't working. >> wow. >> it's not coming through. >> that's interesting. >> so you do need to come up with somebody to run against. frankly, mitch mcconnell, that hasn't really worked. >> they don't have any good strong men out there! where are the good strong men when you need them, chuck? >> that is what they are missing. look. i've heard the comments. he is punching down and doing
7:28 am
this. well, john boehner is speaker of the house it's not punching down any more. right? if john boehner is speaker of the house he is third in line to the presidency. >> a great strategy line in november. we're in september. >> there is nobody to run against now. so i think they actually are trying to build him up. everybody says why are you building him up? i think they want to. >> they don't have time. >> they are desperate to come up with some sort of opponent here before november. >> the number one issue, chuck, is jobs and the economy. what sense do you get out of that white house in terms of finding an enemy or finding an adversary? how do you craft the message around jobs and the economy? i think ezra klein who was on earlier had it about right when he said that is the number one issue. how do you address that? i don't know you're making it -- you're kind of sharing your point. i sgrooe fully that if that is our strategy, we might as well get ready for a whipping in november. how do we make the jobs issue?
7:29 am
what are you hearing from the senior advisers there in the white house about that? >> it's not my opinion. >> no, i know. >> i'm just explaining what they are doing. >> i know. you're reflecting what they think. >> i think they would sit there and think this week feels like the week they are throwing mud at the wall, right? we are 100% reduction on rnd and $50 billion of infrastructure over here. you know, it all feels a little bit too little too late. the other thing about yesterday's speech that i found fascinating was how every republican candidate in the country reacted to the speech in a way as if this were full-fledged campaign mode. it was definitely one of these democrat like even carly fiorina put out a response to the president's speech in cleveland. it was this moment whether it was meant to or not, it certainly was a speech that was -- became sort of a campaign battle line. you know? where they drew lines in the
7:30 am
sand and the republicans certainly seem to act like they liked what they heard more out of the president than maybe what democrats. because you didn't see democrats rallying to the speech in the same way. >> a quinnipiac poll just came out that reflects when the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll reflects. 44% approval rating for president obama and disapproval 47%. it reminds me of '06 with bush. >> sure. >> and '94 with clinton. sometimes, it's better for the president not to be out there at all. they don't have a lot of good choices right now. >> they don't. if he sat quietly he would be getting criticized for sitting quietly. he had to do something and i think that is what they are doing. >> i still like seeing that. >> you like to see the fight? >> i like seeing the fight and i think it will do him much good. >> even if he goes down in
7:31 am
flames. give them hell, harry. >> like they have no plans. >> by the way, that's a good strategy. >> that's a good strategy. >> tell me what their plan is. >> to do nothing republicans, it worked for him. >> exactly right. >> i have a plan. what is their plan? >> canes are at ohio state this weekend. go canes. >> what is your prediction? >> i just want to win! miami on the road against the big ten, they have won in the big house. of glencoe baseball. a man who played second base here some 45 years ago. actually, 47. ladies and gentlemen, mr. larry mccarthy. amidst today's financial ups and downs, our sophisticated wealth transfer strategies... and philanthropic expertise can ensure your legacy... is passed on to family or your favorite pastime. ♪ northern trust. look ahead with us at
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♪ live look at new orleans. big game there tonight. a concert, too. >> look at that. what a beautiful city. i love that city. >> just gorgeous. >> opening nfl game. >> yep. >> vikings and saints, in business and nfl network have this joint deal. there is a concert with dave matthews and taylor swift and pretty exciting. who dat? >> news now. secretary of state hillary clinton is warning that america's growing debt poses a national security threat. speaking in washington yesterday, she urged both democrats and republicans to tackle the problem because she believes it projects a, quote, message of weakness internationally. >> our rising debt levels poses a national security threat. it undermines our capacity to
7:36 am
act in our own interest and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable. and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. in a rare interview with an american journalist, former cuban leader fidel castro reported admits the communist economic model he put in place half a century ago no longer works for cuba. a translator said the 84-year-old was not rejecting the revolution but saying it too big of a role in the economic life of the country. >> the whole communist thing was a mistake, guys. >> take it back! >> the past 50 years. >> forget about that. >> never mind. never mind. >> it's a great opening. >> it is a great opening. we will -- pat buchanan, we will
7:37 am
not gloat about fidel castro actually having it wrong half a century and slaving his people in an economic model have made them a basket cage. we would never do that. >> they were the third highest standard of living in the hem physician fear. a complete total sdast disaster for cuba. >> just stating the facts. >> that's our pat. >> that's our pat. up next, we will reas a rule the new issue of "time" magazine. >> he still has that arm sling. >> i know. >> you can carried arn three beers inside that have. >> he has a clown ball in it and he is just trying to get attention, seriously. ♪ y atm was free? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more $2, $3 fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more paying to access your own money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking(tm) account.
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welcome back to "morning joe." with us now is the managing editor of "time" magazine, richard stengel who is here to unveil the cover of this week's issue. i see you have your shoulder sling. >> yes. i think this will be the last week that i have this. >> really? >> yes. i hope. >> what are you going to do then for attention? no. i'm glad. >> just to get attention. >> i know that procedure is incredibly painful. my husband had it. so i hope you recover soon. >> thank you. the cameraman was telling meese hi shoulder dislocated, too. >> i can imagine carrying that thing! what is on the cover? >> this is our annual national service issue. it's debt indicated to teaching and education in america and how to make schools great. there are two big stories. one story is centered on this movie that everybody is talking about "waiting for superman." about how to fix public schools in america. the second story is how to become a teacher and how to make teachers great which, as it turns out is a difficult thing. great teachers are priceless but so are bad teachers.
7:42 am
one of the things we have learned about all education policy in this new innovative time we're living in with arne duncan embrazing new policies to the top is that teachers really matter and it isn't easy to make great teachers. >> one of the controversy is giving teachers their value and giving teachers who are not not their value. >> it's a complex idea. yes we want to praise teachers because they have a hard job but a lot of them are not doing very well. across the nation you find teachers get tenure after two or three years. that is mostly the case and they cannot be fired. they are not accountable and not measured for performance. one of the things that no child left behind did do which i think was a virtue is that is started measuring students but they didn't start measuring teachers. now arne duncan believes we shall do that and michelle rhea wants to measure teachers so teachers can be accountable so you can pay them more when they perform better and you can get
7:43 am
rid of bad teachers. that is really hard. >> you write about this so it's so essential. there has to be a grand bargain here where teachers have to be paid like actual professionals. if we get top college graduates into the provision they have to get paid like professionals like doctors and lawyers. on the other hand, the bad ones have to not be protected and kept in their jobs forever and that is something unions have fought for a long time and starting to get a ground on and positive sign. >> people know there is a prestige deficit but treated like not professionals. i say in my editor's level teachers is a national service and a lot objected to that. it's not that. they want to be treated like that. >> the thing that bothers me a little bit right now is the desire to reform the way kids are taught. obviously the biggest problem is the unions in the schools. there is also -- i think teachers have to be allowed a certain flexibility of the way they teach. i get a little nervous about the
7:44 am
obsession with testing and statistics which is very much kind of all the rage at the moment because there are so many people who if they had lived their lives on their grades would have actually never got anywhere. you know? there is a kind of obsession right now, because so many business people now have got into the act of reforming schools all they want to talk about because they are ceos and is statistics and testing and it has to be done in a certain kind of way and teachers want to be creative and want to teach in a way that is maybe unconventional and then they sort of find themselves falling afoul of this kind of -- >> i don't disagree with that about teachers. america has gone way too far in the opposite direction. every different school district has a different curriculum. no common curriculum in america and something arne duncan wants to remedy. european country it is by the books. in america you could be in one school district and be learning two different opposite things in
7:45 am
the next school district. which doesn't make sense. >> pat buchanan, i wonder if there is a missed opportunity here. this movie is a movie everybody should see so they can really get into the conversation and understand it from the ground up. it is not -- there is no happy ending here. >> there is no happy ending. no easy ending. >> 9 scene. >> the scene they show the lottery the kids wait to hear where they get in is so tragic because you're seeing a lottery on a whole life, not just about getting into school. >> the movie makes the lottery in the villain. lottery are the fairest thing of all. the problem i think with a lot of this is people think that charter schools are the answer. the problem is charter schools as they exist now are not scaleable and only 17% of charter schools do better than public schools so that is not a quick fix. >> we like what arne duncan is doing and a big supporter here on "morning joe." pat buchanan, is there any opportunity that has been missed in terms of the president's overall vision when it comes to
7:46 am
jobs and the economy and the education system and the state of it? >> the education system going to affect the economy in the future. but i'd like to ask richard, if there is one reason, can you give it why it is that, frankly, the test scores which sort of peaked as far back as 1964 sko lat sko lastic aptitude. >> we're spending, pat, twice as much per student as we were in 1971 and test scores have gone down so nearly 70% of kids in america in the eighth grade are not reading at the eighth grade level or doing math at the eighth grade level. it has gone down like this. >> richard stengel, thanks. the new cover of "time" magazine and we look forward to reading it. pat buchanan, thank you as well. ill see you tomorrow. coming up lawrence wright explains when we come back.
7:47 am
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look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. the origins of al qaeda, where did radical islam come from? to answer this question, we sat down with a pulitzer prize winning author lawrence wright. in "my trip to al qaeda" and book "the looming tower" wright explains the origins of the most
7:51 am
notorio notorious, extremist organization. >> there's a belief among americans that islam had as a s central tenant to kill mitt romneys. you talk about the 1940s in a sense the founder of this thread of islam. >> yeah. sayad qatom. he was a schoolteacher of egypt. he came to america in 1948, and the america -- at this time, remember, america was riding astride the world. it had half the world's economy. richest country in history. and everybody loved it. but he saw a very different america. he was a very religious man. he was shocked by our sexual mo rays. threatened, as well, i might say. he was a dark egyptian and saw a
7:52 am
racial side of america's life that we didn't acknowledge. >> led to the muslim brotherhood and fed into al qaeda but very interesting that the hatred of the west, this anihilism did not begin 1,000 years ago, 200 years ago. this strain of islam began in the 1940s in colorado. >> greely, colorado. coming back to egypt in 1950, he was very close to imam al zawari's family. when nasser hanged him in 1965, that year, 15-year-old al zaw a ri started a cell to overthrow the egyptian government. the determination and the persistence of people we're struggling against. >> you mentioned the 15-year-old
7:53 am
starting a cell to overthrow the egyptian government in 1965. >> yeah. >> you have a uniquely young population spread throughout the middle east in countries where there's a huge disparity of wealth between the hierarchy of the governments and the people who lived beneath the governments. can you -- is it possible to give unknowing americans, me included, a sense of a 15-year-old today in that region of the world, why do they feel such resentment, such oppression? >> let me tell you about the reporters i was mentoring in saudi arabia. there are no movies. there are no theaters. there are no plays. there's no dating. the internet is monitored and controlled. there are no -- very few parks or museums. there's nothing between the government and the mosque. that space that we all civil
7:54 am
society just does not exist. and in such an impoverished social environment, depression is a real problem. one of my reporters did a study of -- a story of a study of depression at the university which is bin laden's alma mater. 62% of the boys, 72% of the girls show symptoms of depression. 7% of the girls had admitted they had attempted suicide. that's -- bear in mind suicide is strictly taboo in muslim societies and this is the most conservative of all muslim societies. >> given that level of lack of civility within their lives, lack of hope within their lives, why are they so easily distracted, directed toward us rather than their own government? >> part of that is manipulated. you know, it is a -- there are people that don't want to
7:55 am
acknowledge their own cultures have these kinds of structural failures and don't want to change them. they have a unique blend of problems. egypt is an in many respects a far more repressive place toward its citizens. and, you know, the way they treat people in prison is appalling. and i think it is -- you know, bears a lot of responsibility for the blood thirst so characteristic of al qaeda. saudi arabia has a less punitive attitude towards its subjects to use the correct word than the egyptians do but in each case there are many different conspireing elements that force this kind of radicalism as an alternative. >> this misconception that clearly a lot of people in that region of the world have about the united states, does barack obama speaking to them, peering athere in kyra have any impact
7:56 am
at all of how they think of us? >> that speech was a significant moment and his approval ratings went up. here's the thing about obama. i think. it's harder to hate him than it was bush. even though i think that many of bush's policies towards pushing democracy in that region were really great ideas. but unfortunately, they came in the wake of the war in iraq which discredited the whole democratic effort there. i wish we had a stronger push towards democratic change in that part of the world because i think there are very few levers we can pull that would help bring that era out of the kind of radicalism that's encompasseded it now. >> lawrence wright, thank you very much. your book "the looming tower." thanks again for coming in. >> this hbo documentary is a must see. >> find it on hbo.
7:57 am
"my trip to al qaeda." thank you. we'll be right back. what's around the corner is one of life's great questions. and while it can never be fully answered, it helps to have a financial partner like northern trust. by gaining a keen understanding of your financial needs, we're able to tailor a plan using a full suite... of sophisticated investment strategies and solutions. so whatever's around the corner can be faced with confidence. ♪ northern trust. look ahead with us at
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
8:00 am
we are serving you real american food. we've even got a hot dog cart. you know what? you know what? i'll take -- i'll take a dog. hey! hey, hot dog, guy? hot dog guy?
8:01 am
hey! it's mr. vice president hot dog guy. >> sir, i'm sorry. i didn't expect the vice president to serve hot dogs. >> read your constitution, man. i got two constitutional duties. >> i thought it was just breaking ties in the senate. >> no. the other one's giving hot dogs to returning warriors. >> yeah, baby. >> love him. >> he's great. >> welcome back to "morning joe." top of the hour. on the set with us we have the national political correspondent for "new york" magazine john heilemann. >> who's this guy? >> yeah. >> well, msnbc political analyst and host of msnbc's upcoming new show "the last word." >> and ready for labor day weekend. >> yeah. >> yes. he came in here -- right? singing "come monday." >> look at him. >> an epic weekend. >> still summer vacation for me. >> what is going on, baby? >> i like it. >> summer vacation for me. working really hard on the
8:02 am
legalized marijuana thing in california. >> okay. idiot. >> are we almost there on that issue? >> you know -- >> lawrence is there. >> i like this. it's interesting. >> you basically say it just doesn't matter saying, oh my elbow hurts. give me some pot. you go in the medical marijuana shops. >> yeah. i believe the network has promo'd the fact that the "last word" with me begins september 27th. every day between now and september 27th is a vacation day for me. every day. >> okay. all right. >> after that -- >> after that, i'm locked to an anchor desk for what? three weeks before i get canceled. what? i don't know. >> so being on "morning joe" is like a vacation day for you? >> absolutely. >> let me ask you. did you not get the same deal i did? nine weeks vacation or just basically don't show up. >> it doesn't appear in my contract. do i have to go back to negotiating table? >> you should talk to us.
8:03 am
>> does the word pretape -- >> that does appear. >> good, good, good. you were a smart man. >> what's the show? >> oh, please. what's the show? >> huge fans of you. i said during the health care debate that you were the best political analyst bar none in the business. certainly on the health care. what's this show going to be about? >> oh geez. this hour? pitch a tv show to a national audience? >> we are the first word. you're the last word. >> what -- i wrote the title of this show. it's all i've written so far. i was sitting on a plane and went the lawrence o'donnell show. no. >> you can't. o'donne o'donnell county. >> i thought about it for a tenth of a second. >> no. >> you know, there's a bit of a concept suggested in it. it is the last broadcast word on this network. >> it is the last word. >> the end of the news cycle so
8:04 am
you've been -- some people following this story of the day since john heilemann talked about it at 6:00 a.m. and sampled other stuff. >> how do you make it different? >> do i goat finish my pitch of the show? >> how do you make it different from what john heilemann said? >> i'm thinking about not shaving. okay. there's that. >> willie? >> so far, so good. >> i like it. >> may just be a wardrobe thing. the difference. i don't know. >> i love him. >> lighting. >> i'll be watching. >> lighting, lighting. we'll talk. >> you know what they say about lighting. >> yeah. >> the difference between porn and art, lighting. seriously -- lighting's important. >> the show i have wanted to do and wanted to do would be called -- >> how the west was won? >> packages with lawrence o'donnell. and now the pros are laughing. a package is that four-minute thing where i throw it to what is actually a tape and you might think it's live of one of our nbc news correspondents
8:05 am
reporting, you know, from the gulf or somewhere about the whatever that thing is. >> all you have to do -- >> it's the stone phillips job. the greatest job. introduce kerry sanders. he does six minutes of your show. you throw it back. go to a commercial. you come back, another package. >> you get a paycheck. >> you just read a teleprompter, talk for 15 seconds and like he's so smart. >> packages with lawrence o'donnell. >> i'm assuming your show is just an hour of you straight to camera. >> oh, kidding me? that would be labor intensive. someone would have to write that. you know? come on. >> you know what? >> there's people in hollywood. >> lawrence, keep us posted. we have some things to get to. >> still in development. >> you keep us posted on that. >> the staff is working on it upstairs. >> have you met the staff? >> i met some of them. and september 27th, i'll probably arrive some september 26th. >> maybe. >> yeah. they'll tell me what i'm doing and tell prompters. >> all right.
8:06 am
>> what could go wrong? >> seriously -- >> phil griffin right now crawling under the desk in a fetal position. >> rocking back and forth. >> come on. >> lawrence, what is your show -- >> i have to get the top story. >> just tv. >> i couldn't agree with you more. >> but i like it. >> lawrence -- >> we hope you come on "morning joe" a lot. >> yeah. >> i know it's a different schedule for you. >> i'll come on here and beg for audience. september 27th, 10:00 p.m. say it. >> september 27th, 10:00 p.m. "last word." >> now it's getting tired. can we stop? >> fridays? >> we'll see. >> like letterman. >> big news days. >> i'm in show business. stewart and colbert don't do fridays. they're in show business. i'm more show business than news. >> i don't do fridays. it's showbiz. >> okay. are we good? can we get to news? >> i think we should.
8:07 am
>> you keep us posted on the september 27th thing. >> now the first word with mika brzezinski. >> as kerry sanders reports in new orleans -- >> can i pitch the show tomorrow? think about it overnight. >> probably -- >> i won't be here. it's friday. >> i think it will help if you're not here. you don't seem to take this hour seriously enough. i think -- >> i love you. >> i will. >> i'll come back and pitch it to you. i'll think about this overnight. >> i know how pitches work so i'll have a keen eye. >> can you tell lawrence, seriously, i'm his biggest fan? do i not tell everybody he's brilliant? >> you look like a suck-up. all right. >> i don't like anybody but i like him. >> i love him. president obama this morning is weighing in on saturday's plan to koran burning imploring a florida priest to call off the event. i would like to say we are not a part of the problem here. people say the media is over
8:08 am
covering this and running to this pastor. we are only covering this because the president, the secretary of state, the general in charge of afghanistan and 10 downing street are all talking about this koran burning event. and the fbi. so here's the president. >> as commander in chief of the armed forces of the united states, i just want him to understand that this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform. this is a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. >> okay. overnight, the fbi also warned that it's quote credible information that extremists may retaliate if pastor terry jones and his church follow through with the burning. in washington yesterday, secretary of state hillary clinton went so far as to say that the media should stop covering the issue as a quote act of patriotism. meanwhile --
8:09 am
>> the president talked about it this morning. >> there is a way. that's a way to get the media to stop talking about it. have the secretary of state says the media should stop covering "x" that will work. that's like, okay. that will stop right away. >> lawrence, if you are -- we had this debate after we talked about the president bringing it up this morning, if you are at the white house and the president's going on talk show, and say they'll ask about the koran burning -- >> what is your plan? >> -- do you advise him to brush it off? >> i don't know. this is something they all have to sit down and come up with a formal strategy going forward. should petraeus have said anything? i'm not so sure. did that help or hurt the overall cause here and the overall issue which is that hope. here's the story. we're watching a crazy person on the top of a building. and the question is, is he going to jump or not jump? the whole country, the media, now the president watching this
8:10 am
guy. is he going to burn this book or not? and so, the question then becomes strategically for white house, do we -- is that something we get involved in? does that help? we went from petraeus to the secretary of state to the president. you couldn't -- they couldn't possibly have put more attention on this. i don't know what the alternative is, though. >> it calls for them to do so. >> look at this, though. no. it -- look at this. front page, the front page of "usa today" given this freak a dream. he must be so troubled. >> a congregation of 50. >> of the invasion of his privacy. he was living a comfortable, private life. >> comfort life. quiet life. >> a front page. everyone knows what he looks like. >> happy and content with the congregation. >> paid the price of fame for doing this already. he's really suffering. >> condemned. >> does the president ignore it?
8:11 am
seems to me that they've got to. more freaks like this -- >> too late now. >> there will be another one. forget -- this one's out of control. what do you do the next time this happens? it will happen. something like this will happen. everyone has to figure out we will not get taken by surprise again. this is our policy. it's like, you know, having a policy on hostages or something. you don't want the decide your policy on hostages after they have taken the hostage. that's what he is done. holding the koran and the situation. my proposal to him is, look, brazil interfered with iran. and said, please don't stone that woman to death. and iran is backing off. the stoning of that woman. i want to introduce him to some brazilian diplomats to see if they can get him to put down -- iranians are putting down their stones. >> right. >> might he consider putting
8:12 am
down his koran? might hedo that? >> john heilemann, brazil, the answer to everything. >> the answer to everything. the problem is that -- and, you know, this network, all networks, news environment that we live in right now, this guy announces to do this and the press swarms and so the questions come to the administration. robert gibbs is getting 50, 100 calls a day about this. every time an administration official goes on tv, they get asked about it. it's hard to duck it. hard to -- >> no, it is not. no, it is not. >> with a little bit of forethought, it is not hard at all. ask me about the guy. ask me. >> mr. gibbs, what is the president think about the guy that wants to burn the holy book? >> the president knows that america's a tolerant nation. we have been for over 200 years and that's what we're going to celebrate and emphasize and we encourage all americans to follow our example. >> so you're in favor of it? >> america's a tolerant nation and we're going to continue fighting to bridge the gap between -- >> so the president's position
8:13 am
is you can burn any book you want because the first amendment says you can? >> well, we are a tolerant nation and certainly the first amendment gives -- >> how do you make the story go away? the guy gets on the tv and the problem still arises. right? >> when you have the president of the united states specifically reference this man, that ebbs it up. that's significantly. when hillary clinton specifically mentions this man, when general petraeus specifically mentions -- if you make a general statement, you don't have newspaper articles referencing terry whatever his name is. i won't say his name. >> maybe it's not -- >> guy gets on youtube and the problem is still there. >> yeah, but maybe -- >> disseminated around the muslim world. >> don't amplify the problem by referencing this guy. lawrence? >> maybe the message is not for us or the media to put out there but the people overseas who are getting the message from the president, from the secretary of state. maybe they're sending a message. >> is it to blunt the impact
8:14 am
maybe? >> i guess, i guess. look. i think it's a difficult one. i don't know which one they have go on this. i understand why they've gone the way they have. i get john's perspective. how do they duck it? i didn't volunteer to play the gibbs' part because i wouldn't know how. >> you do know, though -- i just did that off the top of my head. >> great gift. >> if there's a group of political advisers together in a room for an hour or two, you could figure out an answer that wouldn't elevate this hate monger. wouldn't you? >> well, what you could do is unite around a strategy and hope it worked. this way, this seems like it was much more seat of the pants one day at a time. it doesn't feel like they had a strategy last week. he did announce a date. i mean, he told you this is when it is. so you need a strategy that goes all the way through. you know? to september 11th. it hasn't felt like they have a strategy for tomorrow. >> speaking of september 11th,
8:15 am
how depressing is it nine years ago muslims in america feel more under siege than september 12th, 2001? what are you thoughts on what's unfurled over the past month? >> well, you know, there's been the phrase islamic terrorism is now in this country, you know, not even quite ten years old and didn't exist as a phrase in this country in 1999. you know? and so, you see on the titles of books. we think of it that way. so many people think of it that way. you know? instead of saudi terrorism if you want to call it that based on the citizenship of the 9/11 hijackers. and so, that's been the kind of unifying adjective for all of this terrorism. i mean, there isn't -- there isn't a competitive adjective for it. really, that's it. if i was trying to describe the terrorism and use an adjective other than islamic, i have to
8:16 am
struggle to make you know what i'm talking about. >> sad they feel more under siege but there's a great ray of hope story about this church and this mosque in memphis and a center was going to be built next door to a church and the church put out a welcome banner saying welcome to the neighborhood, you guys. on television last night on this network the head of the islamic center said it felt great that here we are in the south with this christian center. saying -- >> it's our job. there's our job. our job is to get that christian minister on. >> yes. >> right. >> why don't we let the country know his name? >> right. >> and not be trying to forget the name of this other guy. bookers awake back there? >> usually start drinking -- >> unfortunately -- >> they do start drinking. >> september 27th at 10:00 p.m. they'll be on. >> wow. >> yeah. >> shaveless. >> i can't wait for tomorrow. >> you can't separate the
8:17 am
incidents. ground zero mosque. the cabbie being stabbed by the kid. it's this now church. we view the people at wild-eyed extremists that don't represent us but perceived in the muslim world filling a narrative we're an anti-muslim country. that's the way it's perceived putting the story together in a month, month and a half. >> been a bad month. petraeus will tell you that the people it impacts the most are men and women in uniform. hey. why doesn't the president go to a mosque? wouldn't that be helpful? >> let me think. >> i know. i know. >> let me think. well, there is that story about him not being a christian and all of that. >> doesn't -- would the president not show great courage and basically tell hate mongers out there that want to push that false narrative, you don't scare me. and americans aren't scared of one of the world's three great
8:18 am
religions. and i'm going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most powerful republican i can find. maybe i can get colin powell to go in. >> what about george w. bush? >> george w. bush would be great. >> time for that to happen? >> if barack obama called george w. bush aennd said would you std shoulder to shoulder with me and walk into a mosque with me? i my he would. >> in a bush presidency bush would walk into a mosque. >> would have been there. >> not -- apparently the number of americans who thought he was a muslim was me and willie. >> you and willie always carrying that. >> we saw him hugging those guys showing up. >> hand holding. >> hand holding. that's -- >> visited mosques. >> yeah, yeah. >> i think -- i think barack obama needs to do that. call george w. bush. great man towards george w. bush. >> bill clinton. get the former presidents together. go to a mosque. kind of awesome.
8:19 am
>> part of this is the price of american politics over embrace of religion on both sides. the democratic party side campaigned in churches. republican side. the separation, we do have separation of church and state in this country but we don't have separation of church and politicians and the politics, they're drawn into discussions of religion and they can't say -- i mean, i wrote this dream line on the west wing for a candidate that said at a certain point pressed about religion, my fictional candidate said at a certain point, i'll answer any question you have about the governing of the united states but if you have a question about religion, go to church. that's what i wish they would say but spending so much time in the campaign lives and otherwise basically in many ways pandering to religious interests, they can't opt out of this kind of discussion. when it gets really hot.
8:20 am
>> right. >> hmm. i like it. wouldn't that be a good show starting on september 27th? >> i just made that up. that was not on the prompter. >> you don't need a prompter. >> when the producer says wrap in your ear, will you? >> what does that mean? >> here's what we do. we tune it out. tune it out. >> lawrence is going to be back tomorrow. >> i'm excited, actually. thank you. >> you are not. >> no. it's friday. >> getting ready for labor day weekend like me. >> two fridays. >> labor day weekend show. >> get out to california and help with the legalized marijuana today. >> super tramp is running out. >> i hope you come to the fun run. >> okay. >> what's that? >> seriously, don't start. >> referring to stuff on this show, i don't watch the -- >> next thursday in washington. >> oh no. vacation day for me, no. >> i don't watch the show. here we are promoting you. one person in the chattering classes that doesn't watch the
8:21 am
show? >> i live in another time zone. >> doesn't watch tv. >> 10:00. we won't be watching the show. coming up, ram emanuel decides to run for mayor of chicago it would be a shoe-in. right? maybe not. we'll talk about it next. a little late layer, a rare inside the look inside google walls and how they come up with the invention to make searches quicker. here's bill karins with a check on the forecast. bill? >> good morning, everyone. if you haven't stepped out the door in the northeast yet, things changed. fall moved in. that cold front yesterday dropped the temperature about 20 degrees. the only area still hanging on to summer, the gulf. as far as the forecast goes today, the 60s boston to d.c. ending up in the mid to upper 70s. it is a cool but beautiful, fall, crisp day. the problem area, travel wise today, heavy rain in the ozarks. rest of the country looking all
8:22 am
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i want to say right off the bat we're not here to debate
8:26 am
this war. it's been seven years. at this point, who can remember who invaded who? might as well debate the causes of world war i. damn you, wood row wilson. you trigger-happy mad man. no. we thank you, larry king. >> steven colbert last night. with us, politico editor jim van dehei. there's assumption of rahm emanuel running for chicago mayor. >> i think he'll run but not as easy as people expect as a year ago. because daly talking about the possibility of retiring. but we sent reporters down there. it would be a real tough race.
8:27 am
there's no doubt he would be a formidable candidate but not that popular with elements of the base of the democratic party. whether it's jewish voters upset about his positioning on israel, whether it's liberals who aren't happy with what they have done in the white house. or -- there's unions ticked off at this white house. he would have a lot to overcome. >> what about voters in chicago? how is he perceived by people in chicago aside from the bases you mentioned? >> only represented a small section of the city so it's not -- he doesn't have as strong of a base as others and been in washington for a long time. as membership, leadership, and white house. not spending the bulk of time in chicago and people in chicago spent a ton of time. you have the cook county sheriff who people feel would be a formidable candidate in the race and others waiting, licking their chops with thoughts of becoming mayor of that city. he is an a very skilled politician, access to tons of
8:28 am
money and democrats around the country and in the state to rally around him but it's not a slam dunk. >> he has to move quickly, too. >> right. >> jim, you guys have been at politico a rocket ship to the moon. >> huge. >> doing so well. >> we love politico. >> i don't know why -- made some decisions lately. >> made some bad ones. >> i think the staff -- obviously, the staff of politico, the writing of politico. >> their judgment. >> made it what it is. >> exactly. >> well, no doubt. and they get the best and the brightest. >> well -- >> they have done that. >> they had up until this point. >> what point? >> jim you have a new addition. >> in "the new york times" today. >> in "the new york times" today. we've got two -- having the first opinion columnist michael kinsley on the left. >> how did you get -- fantastic. >> from the other side. joe scarborough. >> what? >> no, no. >> the joe. >> do you know who he is? >> world class political intellectual. you can't pair him with a talk
8:29 am
show host. >> you got to put the straw down deeper to get bubbles. >> what is that? >> tremendous amount of self confidence and committed to writing about obesity two times a month. >> oh, thank you! >> for you, mika. >> thank you so much! that's so great. >> i just saw -- >> fat city with joe scarborough. >> you say this. lord knows there's noise and nonsense out there with these guys bring is intellectual muscle. >> one of them does. >> track records of challenging the conventional wisdom and you're going to do pieces on obesity. >> i'm a drinker. i don't know what was happening at the time when those quotes were given. no. we're very excited. joe as you can see on the show has a great reputation for taking on his party. michael kinsley is a great thinker in the -- >> you are in so over your head. >> seriously, why do you think you agreed to do this?
8:30 am
do you think i have time. >> the money, what else? politico. huge money. >> i have a bentley to pick me up from my upper west side apartment and drive me downtown. >> weird i have to pick you up. >> you are driving. >> i just saw someone in the twitter-sphere saying this pairing is like pairing beethoven's 9th with "chop sticks." >> terrible thing to say about -- >> i know. michael and "chop sticks." >> what's beethoven's 9th. >> bunch of idiots on the set this morning. willie? >> it's great. a huge fan of his for a very long time. i always -- i told him, in fact. >> great writer. great thinker. >> he's provocative an enthatd exciting. they won't get a from the right column from me. >> you are a confused person. >> no.
8:31 am
>> you are just going to -- >> i think i kind of reflect -- >> do you remember larry king's column in "usa today"? >> the best. >> it wasn't sentences. >> do that. >> willie geist, great guy. dot, dot, dot. john heilemann. love him do. that column. >> dynasty! dot, dot, dot. >> you're a commentator. >> my prostate getting bigger. dot, dot, dot. >> writes itself. >> who's going to write it? >> farewell. >> glad we got this together. >> terrible decision. >> your staff actually. >> chris is too busy. >> i'm not sure you are. >> i sure am. okay. >> thanks. we have real news to report. tom brady, the new england patriots quarterback reporting that he was in a two-car accident at 5:30 this morning in boston. >> oh my. >> the jaws of life used to extricate him from the car.
8:32 am
he was not taken to the hospital. >> good. >> gong to see the team doctor. whiplash, shaken up. tom brady, super star quarterback of the patriots expected to play in the opening game of the season this weekend in a two-car accident in boston the morning so we hope he's okay. didn't go to the hospital. good news there. >> hope. also new jobless numbers coming out any minute now. the very latest with cnbc's erin burnett next. most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. ♪ get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. it starts with you introducing yourself to the world of ethan allen. see your ethan allen design center today for two beautiful ways to save. [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul.
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oh, so much good stuff in your mind. a live look, top of the rock. new york city. and we have breaking news on the weekly jobless numbers. let's go to erin burnett live at the new york stock exchange. erin? >> mika, we have good news today. >> great! >> yes. we have good news. this is sort of adding to the better than expected news of last week on jobs. look at jobless claims, week lisa that. saw a drop in number of americans filing for unemployment at 451,000 in the week. significantly fewer than anyone expected and it's right around that key level we talk about, about 450,000 where you would be seeing real improvement in the overall labor market. much better than expected and when's interesting is within it, biggest drop was in state of california which is as we know hard hit by job losses. so, they have fewer layoffs in the service sector and better than expected.
8:37 am
we have another better than expected set of numbers today on trade. american exports were up much more than expected in month of july. almost 2% higher. exports at the highest level than august of last year. countries overseas buying american planes, machinery and american computers. not only export more but imported less so that trade deficit, the difference between what we import and export for month of july was about 14% smaller so both those numbers bode well for the overall economy in terms of continuing the slow but steady recovery in trade of numbers and could bode well for economic growth in the third quarter. better than expected is the takeaway today. >> yes, but erin, are we competitive? >> well, well, i don't know about that, mika. this is interesting. you know, everybody loves to hate the united states these days. that's maybe the takeaway from this. the world economic forum came out this morning with a survey of most competitive nations in
8:38 am
the world. last year, number two. year before that, number one. now on every survey we're coming out low because it's the vogue thing to do and we have made a lot of mistakes. we are number four. we are number four. we are number four after switzerland, sweden -- >> we're number four. we're number four. >> whoa. >> okay. are you ready? here's the thing about being number four. >> wrong show. >> we are number four because of our debt. if you look at us compared to 139 other countries out there in the survey, we only scored below 100 in 4 categories and had to do with budget, savings rate, budget, debt, et cetera. we are the biggest economy in the world. we are more than three times bigger than the nearest competitor. >> it is not close. it is not close. erin, i'm sorry. seriously. let's just stop for one second. >> number one. >> we hear everybody whining. oh, america's collapsing. the mexicans are invading us and
8:39 am
the chinese are -- >> the mexicans. >> seriously, no, we are not. >> yes, we are. >> my fifth grade teacher told me that in like 1974 that, like, the roman empire, america was on the verge of come lance. >> joe -- our kids may not do as well as we are. >> you whine. i'm going to hug on to the power of positive thinking. seriously. can i just say, erin. that's a reason i'm insulted by glenn beck. if a democrat is elected, america's freedom is gone and the country's seen the last day. come on! we are number one. >> we're number one. we're number one. >> a long shot. erin, please tell america right now how close number two is to the u.s. of a. >> number two needs to get three times bigger. >> i'm proud to be an american. >> we are 14 and by the way,
8:40 am
we're growing. >> we're growing! >> yes. ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ willie, will you sing with me? >> no thank you. i don't thank you this morning. >> do you have to sing? is that in the contract? >> by the way? >> yes. >> i love lee greenwood. you know what? i don't care who doesn't. note the man who died who gave that right to me ♪ >> we are number one. >> we are number four. >> you know what, glenn? number one bl whether there's a republican or democratic president. hold on. hold on. let it breathe. >> before we go on the air. ♪ god bless the usa >> i'm going to cry. i'm going to cry. glenn beck all of a sudden. i love this song. >> i'm going to cry, the. >> erin burnett, international superstar, once again, bringing us what the kids are talking about on wall street. >> the president of the afl-cio
8:41 am
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♪ everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
8:44 am
welcome back to "morning joe." the nfl season begins tonight as we have been telling you in the new orleans with the saints hosting the vikings. watch on nbc. will there be football next year? the president of the afl-cio joins us now on the looming lockout and other stories. good to see you. >> thank you. >> a lockout, they can't do that, can they, willie? >> sounds like they can and might. >> should don't that. >> give people a little background on where the owners stand against the players' union and how likely there will not be football next year. >> this shows you the greed comes in all shapes and sizes.
8:45 am
this is an industry made over $9 billion and they've asked -- they terminated the collective bargaining agreement two years before it was over. they said it's not working for them. so the players said, well show us where it isn't working and refused to give them information. they asked for a billion dollars of concessions. they have asked for the players to pay for their own team travel and asked for the players to pay for the cost of the practice facilities. i mean, this is a group that's looking like more knee ander that will than -- >> the players in the afl-cio? >> yes. >> how many minutes of your day do you spend worrying about 15 million dollar football players? is this the biggest waste of your attention to come your way? is it embarrassing to that you can about these guys? >> not in the least. most of the big salary, the
8:46 am
average career in the nfl is 3.4 years. they get hurt, they get injured. >> what's the minimum salary? what's the minimum wage? >> 300 plus. >> so minimum wage, these are what -- by the way, these are the people who you want to pay more taxes, top income bracket, right? >> yes. absolutely. >> these are the people that the president of the afl-cio spends his day worrying about? $300,000 at a minimum. you can do this with a straight face? >> i worry about all workers. >> is there a difference -- coal miners. >> steelworkers. all workers i care about. and the policies that affect -- >> you have called on -- >> dying. let me tell you something. >> dying on the job. you have football players. >> you have football players disabled on the job and then they don't get health care and a pension. a worker is a worker. do they get a higher salary? yes. is the safety on the job the
8:47 am
same issue? yes. >> no, it is not. no, it is not. you cannot compare football safety to coal mining safety. coal mining is the most dangerous job in america. more dangerous than law enforcement. >> you don't have to tell me that. i'm a third generation miner. >> here's the deal. >> invited -- >> hold on. >> time-out. >> i'm a member of the afl-cio. i don't want a penny of my dues going to your energy spent on these people. >> we hear that. >> lawrence -- >> if that's the case, why making answer all these questions about uthis and use te energy? >> good point. >> congratulations, lawrence can make us feel -- >> my union, the writers guild of america. >> by the way, it's everybody. i introduced him to my mom on the street of new york. 15 minutes later she is breaking down in tears. horrible. >> not your mom, joe. >> this is like thanksgiving.
8:48 am
>> trust me. this is nothing like the thanksgiving dinners at my house. this is peace. >> you were on a roll there and didn't want to interrupt you but we lobbed that out to him because of the game tonight. >> i didn't know it was about football. >> talk about how workers are doing right now. >> what's the state of the worker in 2010? >> workers are hurting. 15 million people unemployed. you have another 11 million people underemployed. you got more people that have been unemployed for longer than six months than we have ever had since the great depression. they're angry. here's what we're looking for this year? people create jobs here. stop the outsourcing, create the pension security and we are looking for people that will fight for that. i don't care where they come from. if they're republicans, democrats, independents. that's who we're looking for. >> we have a guy that you probably don't like we like him a lot. chris christie. he comes on here. he talks to us about unsustainable budgets. taken on, for instance, union members to get benefits that
8:49 am
would cost you or me in the private sector 10%, 15% of the sector getting it for zero. even if you disagree with chris christie, you do understand that in some state governments the pensions are going to have to be trimmed and we will have to figure out a sensible way to move forward to save the systems. right? whether you are in california or new jersey or wherever. >> absolutely. there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. let me tell you why workers are mad. see? wall street had a giant party for ten years an we didn't get invited and then when everything collapses and say guess what, now we want you to pay for it and we want you to be first. if there's fairness, if everybody gets some skin in the game and if they bring us into the thoughts, that's when christie went wrong. he didn't bring people into the talks so that everybody could find a common answer that worked for everybody. yes, we have a problem. let's solve it jointly. we do a better job coming together to solve those problems whenever somebody says here's
8:50 am
the answer. you'll live with it. do you -- do you have problems with the fact that over the past several years the benefits and the wages for federal employees have gone up at the same time the wages and the benefits and the employment of private sector workers, people that you represent, has gone down? >> this is happening -- our wages stagnant for 30 years because of the policies of this country. we have been losing manufacturing jobs. middle class is weaned back. benefits being cut back and just because you have an island of people doing okay, not doing great -- >> federal workers. >> their wages aren't higher than the public sector. given up wages for benefits, we shouldn't be saying pull them down. we should say, let's raise everybody up like the rest of the world does. whenever you get 25 hedge fund operators or owners here on wall street that made over a billion dollars, where's the outcry? >> yeah. >> where's the outcry for them?
8:51 am
but again, it is the party, the party they had in the first place they look to pay for that party is for workers that weren't invited to the party and why they're angry. >> nfl wages are going up. the new york jet guy holding up for 40 million, that's a big win. >> poor guy. >> what are his dues? >> the broker -- >> broken clock. it's wound twice now. >> a broken clock is right twice a day. >> how much dues to the afl-cio. >> who's your team? what football team? >> pittsburgh steelers. >> good for you. how will they do? >> struggle because ben out the first four games. >> were you disappointed -- >> always a fan. >> bradshaw told ben to straighten up? >> yeah. i am. here's a guy who's biggest asset is his body. he's running on a bike, a motorcycle. >> richard, thank you very much. .
8:52 am
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8:56 am
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of things you can do to get active. - like jumping jacks. - or how 'bout push-ups? - sit-ups? - uh, maybe jumping rope? - yeah. or jogging. - uh, how about like a wheelbarrow race? - oh, yeah, that's a great idea. - but imagine actually trying to use him as a wheelbarrow, like stacking bricks on him and doing, like, doo-doo-doo. you know what i mean? - or yoga. - which is actually peaceful and quiet and not a lot of talking, so... - exactly. is he still looking at me?
8:58 am
8:59 am
welcome back to "morning joe." talk about what we learned today. >> only thing lawrence knows is the title of the new show and barely knows this. >> i wrote that. >> that's good. you don't read books but just titles so this is like your book reading. >> will be back tomorrow. >> i learned when i learned willie from the tell prompter --
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